Any difference between the field SUBJECT and the tags of an item?

While setting up a brand new project with Omeka, I’ve found out it’s not really clear (to me) what is the real difference between the content of the DC.Subject field and the tags associated to an Item; in fact, I’ve seen some are actually using the DC.Subject field to define the tags.
Could anybody clarify this difference to me, please?

dc.subject basically means dublin core.subject in other words it is subject of your item name.
and Tags are short words associated with any item when clicked by user gives you detailed description about it or give you list of links associated with that particular tag. for example: you have an item name Sari, so suppose you are giving subject as “Sari Categories” and for that you added a tag as : India. now when you click on that tag list of saris in india will be displayed.

Thanks, digitalindia.
Yours is in fact a good example, although it seems to me that in many sites editors prefer to use the field subject instead of the tags (there’s even a plugin that’s copying the subjects keywords into the tags). So I was looking for examples like yours to better understand when tags can be used without just being a coypcat of the Subject keywords.
Anybody else?

Hi Daniele, I know you asked this question last year, but I have the same one now. Did you ever get a clear understanding of the difference between tags and subjects? I’m very unclear!

Unfortunately, my understanding of the topic did not get any clearer.

Subjects are usually some sort of controlled vocabulary that is predetermined by the metadata experts and then applied across an entire site.

Tags were originally designed to be a kind of free association vocabulary. However, many users carefully design and craft the list of tags that they use within a site because they then use to in support of information architecture and design goals.

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Thank you, @SharonLeon.

If I may ask, could you please give us an example of the differences? You might want to choose any document from any repository that you know, so that we can see how Subject words are different from Tags.

Thanks again.

Sure. Take a look at this document from the Jane Addams Papers Digital Edition:

Very good example; thank you very much.

(incidentally, very good website too. Do you know what theme is used, and whether it is freely available?)

It’s a great site. That’s definitely a custom theme, and as far as I know, it has not be generalized and shared for public use.