Annotate / tag medias

I am looking for a module that allows me to draw polygons on an image and then label it. I thought the Annotate module did this. Does such a module exist?


We’re looking into what an image annotation module would entail. It’s on our roadmap and i imagine we’ll get to it sometime this year.

I assume by “images” you mean item media that are images. Would you like to annotate an image when editing the media directly? Or would you like to annotate images when building a site page, in a block? In the former, annotations would be seen when looking at an item and/or media show page. In the latter, annotations would be seen when looking at a site page.

Yes, i mean item medias that are images.
I’d love to annotate them directly when editing the media.
Ideally also having the annotation and polygon coordinates available in the JSON LD api.

It’s more likely we will use rectangles as annotatable regions. How important to you is it to use polygons?

Rectangles would work totally fine!
Please let me know when you would start developing it that i’d love to test it / follow its development :slight_smile:

ideally the annotation would be literal / URI / omeka resources. So that it would be possible to link the annotations to thesauri

are there any updates on this? or a hint of a future release?