Annotate, Cartography module errors

Hi there - I’m having a lot of trouble getting annotations to work after installing the latest versions of Annotate, Cartography, and Data Type Geometry Modules.

It’s half way there - the form shows up underneath the Annotate tab on items, but no form shows up underneath the “describe” tab (for the Cartography module). As I kept getting error after error, I discovered that I needed to manually create the following Custom Vocabs in the system: Annotation oa:motivatedBy, Annotation Target rdf:type, and Annotation Target dcterms:format. I also created two resource templates, “Cartography Locate” and “Cartography Describe with a class of annotation”.

Within the Cartography Describe resource template, I set up the following fields: hasBody (Annotation part = annotation); Format (Annotation part = target); motivatedBy (Annotation part = annotation) and bodyValue (Annotation part = annotation body). I’m not sure if I set up these fields correctly or not, but I am receiving the following error when I try to add an annotation to an item:

An exception occurred while executing ‘INSERT INTO value (type, lang, value, uri, is_public, resource_id, property_id, value_resource_id) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)’ with params [“customvocab:6”, null, “test target”, null, 1, 5082, “”, null]: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (schaffer_os10.value, CONSTRAINT FK_1D775834549213EC FOREIGN KEY (property_id) REFERENCES property (id) ON DELETE CASCADE)

Asides from this error, I am not seeing or understanding how one will be able to draw coordinates on an image to annotate a part of it, as I do not see any dialog box for it. And also like I said, I’m not sure what I need to do in order to show the form on the “describe” tab.

I wish there was a working example or a sandbox set up somewhere online with Omeka S and these modules, that would be most helpful!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

This is an old module that was built three years ago, and that is still used in a non-public project. I have a working demo with version 2 of Omeka S if you need.

Hi! Yes, if there’s a demo that is easily viewable, I would love to see it. Is it the Annotate module alone that is 3 years old, or all three, including Cartography & Data Type Geometry? Do you expect them to be updated for Omeka 3 anytime in the near future?

They are all available on Omeka S v3, but not fully checked, since the current server is still Omeka v2.

Nevertheless, Annotate is working fine (but this is mainly a library for other modules) and I just updated Data Type Geometry to make it usable with module Mapping (specific data type for latitude longitude and possibily to synchronize coordinates between the properties and the map, in one way or the other way). The module I didn’t checked a lot is Cartography. I send you a url in private mail.

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