Analytics tag undetectable

Hi there,

I use the module Analytics Snippet to add the GTag script in the head of my Omeka S site. It works well, I can see the snippet in the code of the page. Curiously, GAnalytics cannot detect it even after days… Same thing with its Tagassistant.

Is there something I miss in the config of Omeka S or of my site?


(, if someone wants to have a look to)

I think you might need to use a Tag Manager key here (starting GTM-) rather than what you have currently that starts with G-. Google has changed this stuff around a bit lately, but that might be the issue.

Hum, quite annoying. Not difficult to insert the Tag Manager script in the “head” section, but it requires to add another script after “body”… it supposes to hardcode it, not?

Sorry, I just misread your snippet I think the first time… you just have the regular Google Analytics snippet there, so the “G-” tag you were using should be fine. I don’t think you need to switch to Tag Manager.

No analytics are being collected? It looks fine and seemed to work when I visited.

Thanks. I don’t know what I changed but it seems finally to work well. Sorry for this thread!