Alternate labels not appearing

We are using the Advanced Resource Template module to enable to have two different fields using the same DCterms but for slightly different purposes. I have different alternate labels for both of them, they appear when I work on an item but the label disappears when on the public site. Do you know how we can force the alternate label to appear?

Another way of describing this problem:

  • We are using AdvancedResourceTemplate to double a property (having two “dcterms:type” properties, calling distinct vocabularies, with specific Alternate labels).
  • We can see, on the Admin side, for a specific item, both fields for the same property with their Alternate labels.
  • In our public site (with Foundation theme), both fields are merged and the first Alternate label appears. How can we force the public site to show separately the two entries with Alternate labels (as in the Admin view)?

Thanks !


The last version of the module ( improves the process and now, you don’t need a specific theme any more. Can ou try it ?

A complemenary fix is included in last version