Alt text with short codes

We have images on a Simple Page that were inserted with short codes. They have no alt text displaying. I tried adding the alt and title attributes within the short codes with no success.

What shortcode are you using? They each pretty much handle things on their own so which specific one it is matters.

Hello. We had a developer do this, so I don’t know the type of shortcode. Could it be MyFile? Here’s an example of the code: [myfile id=“DisabilityRIghtsLogo.jpg” where=“left” img=“true” width=200]

Yeah, myfile would be a custom shortcode coming from somewhere, likely a plugin. It’s not something that ships with Omeka. I imagine it just doesn’t attempt to handle alt text at all, but it would depend on the code.

Thanks. We’ll have to find another way to get the images and alt text in there, as inaccessibility is not an option for us.

It should be a relatively simple change to make to just make the shortcode you have already accept another parameter for alt text.

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