Alt text values?

If I set Alt Text property to be DC: Description, should I be able to then see the value in the Values tab? Or do I just see it in the Alt Text tab? We are looking to upgrade to version 4 and I want to be sure we do not lose the alt text values set using the module.

Alt text in the core for versions 3.1.0 and up works just like the previous module. There’s two “types” of alt text, custom specific text, and “fallback” text that gets pulled from a metadata field.

In terms of moving from the module to the core feature, that’s just something you do with the Alt Text module itself. Version 1.3.0 of the module gives you a “Migrate texts to core” choice in the module’s settings which will copy any explicit alt texts you created with the module into the core’s equivalent setting. This core alt text feature is visible in the Advanced tab of the item form. Neither the old module nor the newer core feature will convert explicit alt text to a metadata value.

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Gotcha. We are on 1.2.1 so I wasn’t seeing the migrate option. Thanks!