Alt text for featured collection

Hi all. I’m trying to add the item’s title as alt text for the Recent Items and Featured Collection items on the homepage. I was able to do this for the Recent Items by adding the alt text code to single.php. I can’t figure out how to do this for items listed in Featured Collection. Can anyone give me a hint for how to modify random_featured_collection() to include specific alt text?

Thank you!

Your issue is how to make the same kind of edit (which should work with collections/single.php just the same as for items) or with what to do within that file?

Having the alt pull from the item is tricky in that case, as you don’t actually have direct access to the item, only the collection. Using the collection’s title or some other piece of metadata would be trivial.

I went with the more trivial option of using the collection name for the alt text in collections/single.php. Thanks for the info, @jflatnes !