Allow xml file extension


I would like to attach xml file to an item but it’s not possible by default in Omeka S.
I need to add “application/xml” in Allowed media types on parameters and “xml”
in Allowed file extensions.
My issues is for the last one, add xml file extension generate an unknown error when i try to add a media
with the upload ingester.

Did I missed something ?


What are the modules that you have installed?

I have installed

  • CSV Import
  • IIIF Server
  • Log
  • OAI-PMH Repository
  • Universal Viewer

And i use Omeka S version 1.2.0-alpha2

Can you disable Log? In some cases, the current version may create bugs.

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Thank you very much that solved the problem !

And now I understand the issue, so I can fix it!

Good new ! I wish you a good day of work.