Allow contributors to edit but not delete exhibits

I’m working with an instructor to build an Omeka site with students collaborating on building exhibits. Students will be assigned a Contributor role but ExhibitBuilder only permits this role to edit their own exhibits. To allow students to edit exhibits created by the instructor, I believe I simply need to add “editAll” to ExhibitBuilder/functions.php, line 359:

355     // Allow contributors everything but editAll and deleteAll.
356     $acl->allow('contributor', 'ExhibitBuilder_Exhibits', array(
357         'add', 'add-page', 'delete-confirm', 'edit-page',
358         'attachment', 'attachment-item-options', 'theme-config',
359         'editSelf', 'deleteSelf', 'showSelfNotPublic', 'block-form'));

Students should not be able to accidentally delete an exhibit.

Can someone confirm if this is all that is needed or if there are any other consequences for this change?