AdvancedSearch blocks Search by ID in Browse preview


  • Omeka S version 4.0.0
  • Advanced Search version 3.4.13

If I have the module enabled and I try to set the Search query of the Browse preview to a list of values inserted into the Search by ID, only the first item will be brought, the rest of the ids in the list will be dropped.

Temporary solution:
Deactivate the module, do your setting of the Browse preview module, and after you have finished, enable the Advanced Search module.

Is this the correct behaviour or is a little bug of this super dupper module?!

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I assume this is something that the Advanced Search module does with the ID search parameter that’s interfering with your usage. Probably it’s related to the Omeka S core introducing the feature of having multiple comma-separated IDs in a text input and Advanced Search not accounting for that, having been originally written before that feature existed in the core.

Your best bet is probably to use the module’s issue tracker to report this directly to the developer of the AdvancedSearch module.

Thank you for the eye opening answer. An issue has been brought up here: AdvancedSearch needs to ne deactivated for the Browse preview to work with Search by ID (value is a list of IDs) (#28) · Issues · Daniel-KM / Omeka S Module Advanced Search · GitLab

I would love to get back to using AdvancedSearch delicacies :smiley: