AdvancedResourceTemplate - Some fields are duplicated after module activation

We have a working Omeka S v3.2.1 with items created. In the resource template we have some fields with Datatype such as CustomVocab or ValueSuggest.

After activate the AdvancedResourceTemplate module (version, and editing any item, we can see that some of these fields are duplicated. The original data of these fields is copied into a “Text datatype” fields, and new ones are created with empty values and the correct Datatype.

Let me detail a concrete example. We have a dcterms:isPartOf field with the CustomVocab datatype . Then we activate the module. We edit an item and see that the original value of the dcterms:isPartOf field is copied to a text datatype (an moved to the end of the item page). And a new field dcterms:isPartOf is created in the original location with the original Datatype, but empty. If we fill the newly created field, both fields are saved. In the API, both values are grouped under the same field dcterms:isPartOf as additional values in the array (the original data as literal and the new values as customvocab).

We have the same behavior with other datatype like ValueSuggest.

It seems the module does not identify the original fields datatype when the datatype is created by other modules like CustomVocab or ValueSuggest.

Is there any way to avoid this behavior?

First, can you try last version for Omeka S v3 ( But it will probably be the same, because it is not related to the module.

If an item has a text value for a property and then you modify the resource template to use a custom vocab instead a value, the item is not updated and not up to date with the last version of the template.

So the new template displays the field for the custom vocab, but does not remove the text value that is no more standard.