Advanced Search

The advanced search on our site doesn’t consistently bring up results in various metadata fields. For example, when searching for a record in the Items repository by the title element, we sometimes get results for an item, but often no results are returned for Items that are in the repository. Can you advise on how to fix this? Many thanks in advance for your help. Melissa

The advanced search should be pretty consistent: it works in a very simple way and it runs off of the same exact data that’s used to display the metadata, so there should be no mismatches.

Maybe your searches are subtly different than the values that are actually saved for these items? Does there seem to be any rhyme or reason to searches that don’t work vs. ones that do?

Thanks for your prompt reply, John. I just learned from the folks that installed the Omeka instance of our site, that there was a problem on our end with the Advanced Search function. They have fixed this and now it works beautifully!

Many thanks again for your help!


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