Advanced Search with multiple fields searches value in wrong field

Advanced search in our site now doesn’t work correctly for searches with multiple fields added- if I search with a value provided for both County and Year, the results come back as 0 having searched the value I entered in the County field in the Year field (so it says 0 results for Monroe in Year when it should be searching County for Monroe and 2014 for year as two separate parameters). We are currently in 3.1.1.

I can’t immediately reproduce your problem.

Is this happening in a theme, or in the admin interface, or both?

It is happening in the public view (I tried in multiple themes and it happens in both)- I don’t have an advanced admin search set up so I can’t check it there.

The admin has advanced search built in: click “Search Items” when browsing the items and you’re taken to the search form. Unless you mean something different by Advanced Search than the default feature.

OK. Can you check the admin side? This advanced search form is accessible from the “Search Items” link/button on the items browse page.

it applies the terms to the correct fields in the admin advanced search, so it is just happening in the public search when more than one field is added to the narrow by fields search.

Can you link to your public site? I’d like to see what the public search form looks like. It looks like it’s been customized somewhat. (you can access it via a guest account with the link on the login page)

Thanks, that’s very helpful.

I can see the problem here is related to Javascript from the updated Omeka Classic core, which is expecting newer markup from the theme.

Try downloading this file, and placing it in your theme at the path “javascripts/items-search.js” link removed

thank you! The file is not letting me download it though- I get a message that ‘the change you wanted was rejected’

Hmmm, there’s clearly a problem with uploading that to the forum. Sorry about that.

This link should work fine instead.

thank you- that change fixed the issue!