Advanced search: Search by Class not working on public side

On our Omeka S site, a simple keyword search will work on both admin and public sides, but an advanced search by class will generate different sets of results. Basically, on admin side, a query to find all items of one particular class from an item set will work fine, but on the public side a “Browser preview” block with the same query will display all items from that item set no matter what classes those items are belong to. Any suggestion is appreciated.


I can’t reproduce that problem, either on the browse preview block or the browse page directly.

Do you get the same or different results just using the same query directly as the query string for the public-side item browse page?

Thank you for your quick response! Here is a public site that I am using for testing: On the Browse page, I can use the Advanced search to find all 4 “Image” items from the item set of “HalloweenFest”. But when I use the same query string for the browse preview block on the “Browse Preview Testing” page, it shows all 8 items from the item set of “HalloweenFest”. So, that’s what confused us. Any suggestion? Thanks


I think the issue is just that you shouldn’t include the question mark at the front of the query when you’re pasting it into the browse preview settings (you can see if you click the “Browse All” button at the bottom of your preview block that the resulting URL has two question marks in a row, basically causing the resource class part of your query to be ignored).

Thank you! That solved the problem. Appreciate it!