Advanced search and Dublin Core


I am trying to remove certain elements from the ‘Narrow by Specific Fields’ dropdown menu of the ‘Search Fields’. What is the proper way of doing it?

I believe I should change something in the

and this is probably the part that needs to change:

            <div class="input advanced-search-element"> 
                <span aria-hidden="true" class="visible-label"><?php echo __('Search Fields'); ?></span>
                echo $this->formSelect(
                        'aria-labelledby' => 'search-narrow-by-fields-label search-row-' . $i . ' search-narrow-by-fields-property',
                        'id' => null,
                    get_table_options('Element', null, array(
                        'record_types' => array('Item', 'All'),
                        'sort' => 'orderBySet')

The plugin Hide Elements lets you choose elements to remove from this search dropdown (among other places) by just checking boxes on a form, so you wouldn’t need to change any code.

Amazing! Worked perfectly! Thank you!