Advanced Search adapter for Solr: adding a core

I have created a new solr core to meet specific indexing and faceting needs for two sites. I added it in the Solr module configuration. Except that the four properties intended for the mapping for “generic” are not created on this occasion, contrary to what is done during the installation of the module which automatically adds the default core and references these four properties for it.

And their absence is reported in the Map Omeka metadata and Solr Fields, requiring them to be created manually in the database for this new core.

We are using Omeka S version 3.2.0 and the version for the installed modules is as follows:

  • Advanced Search: version
  • Advanced Search adapter for Solr: version
  • Generic: version 3.3.34

Is it conceivable that insertion of these four occurrences into the database could be added automatically when a new core is added? Or is there another way to do this?

Thank you in advance

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