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For a couple of projects I am working on I needed to use the Admin Images plugin. While using it, I’ve noticed it could use some improvements, so… you can find an upgraded and updated version of the original plugin at the following repository:

Besides a cleaner and more “Omeka compliant” interface, main addition is the chance to include a class in the shortcode; this way, one can apply any custom CSS styling available, for instance, in the theme’s css file.

As I’m waiting for UCSC Library to review the changes and possibly include them in their original plugin, I thought there’d be no point in creating any release, but you’re obiously free to download the code and install it on your Omeka installation (the plugin does not change any db table, so you can always go back to the previous code if you didn’t like it).

Hope this helps, comments are welcome as usual.

Thank you! Great work. I hope it will be possible to merge with the original plugin sooner rather than later. The official release seems way behind the times and a previously reported patch didn’t work for me.

Yours works fine for me on Omeka Classic 3.0.2, except for one glitch: When I use Safari 15.4 (macOS 12.3) the “Browse” control for selecting an image to upload doesn’t appear at all. I know browsers can do funny things, but it seems odd that this particular element gives trouble. In Firefox it’s fine.

Hello, Charles.
Thanks for your words.
It seems UCSCLibrary is not really updating the plugins, I’ve been writing to them a few times but they don’t have anyone working on them.

As for your issue: I was not able to recreate it, so I was wondering whether you see anything at all where the “browse” control should be. Could you show me a picture? Besides, are you sure that JS (that’s in charge of switching from one control to the other) is enabled on that particular Safari instance?


There’s a possibility if the originals are really abandoned and there’s someone willing to pick them up to some degree, that we could change what’s listed on the plugins directory to a supported version. If the previous authors/owners were on board with such a switch, I don’t think it would be a problem at all.

+1 for this. I’m used to third-party CMS plugins not being supported, but it’s a pain when this happens with stuff that’s owned by the core team.

If that makes me sound ungrateful, I’m absolutely not! It’s just that when someone has already taken the time to fix the problem it just seems a pity not to hit that merge button.

Daniele, many thanks, and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. It’s fine now. I turned off my ad blocker, which I would hope had nothing to do with the problem … probably just “one of those things”. And thanks again for your great work.

Just to clarify, Admin Images is a third-party plugin.

So sorry. I’m even more confused now, so I’ll shut up.

Thanks, John, for the suggestion.

As I am not sure UCSCLibrary has completely abandoned their Omeka plugins, for the moment being I’d rather keep things as they are.

My fork seems to work fine so far and fix the issues, so I suppose users of this forum like Charles can still install it if so they wish.


Thanks to UCSCLibrary’s Ryan Schwab we’ve managed to merge my fork’s updates into the original plugin, so a newer version (1.5) has just been released and you should find it in Omeka’s plugin page as soon as it updates.

Hope this helps, please report any issues as usual and comments are welcome.

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