Admin Images plugin, update


For a couple of projects I am working on I needed to use the Admin Images plugin. While using it, I’ve noticed it could use some improvements, so… you can find an upgraded and updated version of the original plugin at the following repository:

Besides a cleaner and more “Omeka compliant” interface, main addition is the chance to include a class in the shortcode; this way, one can apply any custom CSS styling available, for instance, in the theme’s css file.

As I’m waiting for UCSC Library to review the changes and possibly include them in their original plugin, I thought there’d be no point in creating any release, but you’re obiously free to download the code and install it on your Omeka installation (the plugin does not change any db table, so you can always go back to the previous code if you didn’t like it).

Hope this helps, comments are welcome as usual.