Admin 404 Not Found

Hello. I’ve installed the latest version of Omeka-S on an Ubuntu server and can see a page saying “0 results. Go to the Admin Dashboard to start working with Omeka S.” When I click on the link to the admin I encounter a 404 page.

I’ve configured the database and have set the ownership of the entire application to www-data, so I’m not sure why this url does not return a result. Is there some other place I should look?

Many thanks,

Getting a 404 error like this is usually caused by a problem with the .htaccess file.

Make sure you have AllowOverride All or something like it set in your Apache server configuration, so the .htaccess file actually gets used. Also make sure the .htaccess file is actually there in the top-level Omeka S directory (sometimes people lose it when moving things around since it’s a hidden file).