Additional functionality for the BlockParty plugin

2 years ago I started using the BlockParty plugin to add functionality to exhibits for Omeka Classic.

I opened an issue 2 years ago asking if there was any way to add the ability to sort within an item block, by title or creator or date, but also hopefully by any field (I have a custom item type with an element I’d love to sort by).

I asked again yesterday, and Jeremy Guillette, who created BlockParty, said he cannot take on adding any functionality to the this plugin for the foreseeable future, but “Anyone is welcome to fork this repository to add features or submit a pull request to enable this functionality though.”

I am NOT a coder, and I wouldn’t even know where to start with this. I don’t suppose anyone is interested in this as a project? I admit it’s a bit niche, as only 2 of us have formally requested this feature.