Adding Vimeo Video

In Omeka S it’s now not possible to embed Vimeo Videos which are restricted to domains.
That means when I have a video and i want it to show only on my Omeka Installation - i choose in vimeo the restriction to my domain. With the Omeka Classic it was no problem to embed restricted videos (when they’re restricted to your domain) - with Omeka S it’s currently not possible. Any Suggestions?

How are you embedding the video? As Media or in an HTML block somewhere? Can you show a non-working example?

I’m not sure how the Vimeo domain restriction works, or how S could affect it.

I’am embedding it via media and got the following error: Error reading OEmbed URL: Not Found (404)

When embedding with oEmbed, S has to pull down the page URL you give us. When you turn this feature on in Vimeo, does it make the video’s “page” inaccessible? If so, we’re not going to be able to get it.

You could try embedding the video then switching the restriction on after the fact, which might work (we’ll be able to see the page and get the embed code up front when it’s not restricted). Otherwise, you could try putting the embed code in manually as HTML media. A Vimeo-specific media type (as a module) would probably work around the problem as well.

yes, switching the restriction on after the embedding works - thank you!