Adding Shortcode Support to Exhibit Builder

Is there any particular reason Exhibit Builder doesn’t support shortcodes out of the box? I’ve got a custom shortcode plugin and I’d like to be able to use it to embed content (in this case a generated timeline) in an exhibit text block. I’d be happy to make a pull request - it seems like it’s a pretty minor change. Or perhaps there’s a hook I could use in my plugin to add support? Basically, what’s the recommendation? Thanks! – E

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I don’t think there’s any particular reason why the Exhibit Builder doesn’t support shortcodes in its text fields. My recollection is that Simple Pages was the focus because it was otherwise impossible or difficult to get things from the rest of the site itself into a simple page. Since Exhibit Builder already had ways (often better ways) to do that kind of integration, it wasn’t a focus and hasn’t been done.

There may have been some reluctance based around worrying that people might think they needed to use shortcodes to do some item-attachment stuff that the Exhibits can do themselves.

As for adding it, I don’t believe there’s a hook that could be used, it’d be a case of adding support to each place where a block uses a text field (as they’re all handled separately).