Adding new vocabulary connected to TemaTres Vocabulary Server


I am interested in creating my own vocabulary and the TemaTres Vocabulary Server -developed by Diego Ferreyra- ( is a good solution for me.

My testing server is

Now I would connect ValueSuggest module to that Vocabulary Server.

TemaTres provide some endpoints by default. For example for the word “par” (paris):

Sparql endpoint:

I have been talking to Diego and he implemented a new testing endpoint to try to connect through LCSuggest:

I have been trying to implement the new service in ValueSuggest but with no success. I duplicated the content like LC services in module.config.php, the DataType, Service and Suggester but something is wrong.

Is there any documentation about it or anyone has any tip or solution?

Thanks in advance

Take a look here… I don’t remember what I have done…
I finally used Folksonomy for my goal.

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