Adding <meta> tag to simple pages and items

I would like to be able to post links to simple pages and items on social media and have a title, an image, and a description appear. Any idea how to do this?

I guess I could manually add tags to the simple pages. But how can I do this with the items?


There are a number of user-submitted plugins to make this happen on Classic.

At first glance, this one seems to have basic functionality: GitHub - libmanuk/SimpleOGTags: Omeka plugin to manage a simple set of Open Graph protocol tags.

It seems to be fetching item titles correctly but not media URLs (for me), so it will need some digging into the code to update. But it can get you started with generic default images and text for your site, in the meantime.

If you’re not coding-inclined, you could post an issue on the project’s github page to express interest in someone else updating the plugin.

(I tested a few others based on this code and they all seem not to work, so, don’t bother with these: GitHub - rshanrath/omeka-twitter-cards-plugin: Omeka plugin to include Twitter Card tags.)

Let me know if this is helpful and we’ll go from there.

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Thank you, this is slightly above my skill level, but I’ll give it a shot.

Actually I’m getting an error message when I try to upload the plugin. It says: “This is not a valid plugin.” Any idea how to resolve this?

My fault - when you download a plugin or theme from Github it usually has the folder name “PluginName-master” or “-main” or something. You have to remove that last part of the folder name when you upload it to your /plugins folder, so make sure the folder on your server is just called “SimpleOGTags”. I imagine that should fix it.

I should also mention you can test cards out here:

For me, the plugin is successfully sending my site logo as the default image (once I changed the image type from image/jpg to image/png), the text I entered in the “Default Repository” field, and the individual item titles of different item URLs.

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Sorry, I did figure that out but forgot to post here to close the thread. Anyways, thank you, and thanks for the OpenGraph link!