Adding locales to global settings


I’m working on a bilingual website (French and English) and I want to use “Filter values based on site locale”. In my Omeka S global settings, under locale, I only have “English (United States) [en_US]”. I would like to use only “en” as language for values instead of “en_US”. How can I add/edit new locales to the Omeka S global settings? Thank you!

We don’t currently have a simple option to add choices to this list. The choices here come from the set of .mo files in the application/language folder, the files that store the translations for the Omeka S UI.

To add another entry here (and to the same selector in a specific site, which is what’s relevant for the “filter values based on site locale” feature), a workaround would be to create a file in application/language with the language code you want to add, so in this case

Here’s an example .mo file that provides no translations, so choosing it for a site is equivalent in terms of the UI to the default or en_US settings. (337 Bytes)

We need to more generally fix this issue as it relates to the “filter” feature; the languages you can filter by shouldn’t be limited to what’s available for UI translation. Probably the fix will look something like allowing you to set whatever language codes you want for the filter to match, independent of what the site Locale setting is.

Thank you for your reply and help. It is much appreciated.