Adding items to item_set as author

I’m unsure if I’m approaching this correctly or if it’s even possible.

Here’s the situation: I have several users with the “author” permission, allowing them to create new items/item_sets and edit only their own. While they shouldn’t have the ability to edit or delete items belonging to other users, I want them to be able to add items to item_sets to form albums/collections. Is there a way, maybe via module, to allow authors to add items to their sets?

It seems like item_sets are the designated method for creating albums/collections, and I’m hesitant to create a custom album or collection item type/class without seeking advice from the forum first. Can anyone provide guidance on the best approach for achieving this within Omeka S?

To be clear, what you want is for them to be able to add items to other users’ sets, right?

Item sets have an “open/closed” setting (it’s a lock icon in the top bar when editing the set) that controls whether other non-admin users can add things to a set. So setting the sets you want the users to work with to be “open” should do what you want here.

thanks for the response.
that is not what I want. let me clarify by using an example:

I am essentially thinking of how Spotify Playlists (Omeka: item_sets) work, where every user (Omeka:user with author permissions) should be able to add any song (Omeka: item) to their playlists.

As far as I can tell, this would not be possible, because the information is stored in the song (Omeka: item contains a list of item_sets it belongs to) rather than the playlist (Omeka: item_set contains many items). Thus, the author/user would need to be able to edit the items in addition to their own item_sets.

Is there a standard/preferred way of letting users create “lists” of items they haven’t created and cannot edit? Right now I’m thinking, I probably need to create a custom item type “list” with a “has_part” property and store the items’ ids that way.