Adding items, retrieving error messages?


I’m having trouble adding items-- every time I try, I get an error message. How do I find/access the “.htaccess file” mentioned in the link below, so I can enable error messages and diagnose the issue?


.htaccess is in the top level of your Omeka installation. Depending on how you get there, you might need to find a setting for “Show hidden files” or “Show DOT files” (that’s common when using CPanel, for example).

Still not really clear on what it is or how to find it-- could you elaborate?

Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

Whereever you have installed Omeka, .htaccess should be in that same directory. If you don’t see it, check the settings for whatever you are using to view the files in that directory (e.g., CPanel or an FTP client) to make sure it is set to show hidden (dot) files.

Okay, I’ll keep trying to figure it out-- thanks. Is there any other way for me to diagnose why I can’t add items?

Well, retrieving error messages will give the most info. But, another approach that will give some limited info is to see if you can add some Items, but not others. Like if you attach files or not, and if you attach files, if some file types can be attached, but not others.

Just to make sure we don’t go down an unhelpful path, I’d like to make sure that this is a standalone Omeka site – not a site on