Adding ingesters and renderers through a Module

We’ve recently changed to Kaltura Mediaspace for faculty, staff and students to use for storing video and I played around with modifying Omeka-S to using the Kaltura Javascript API to create the needed ingesters and renderers for this. This involved directly changing or adding about a half dozen files in Omeka-S, mostly in the applications directory. Is there a way in a module to add these changes into Omeka-S?

I know there is an OEmbed ingester/renderer that in theory could be used with Kaltura but the URI that Kaltura suggests using doesn’t work with OEmbed in Omeka-S for our installation of Mediaspace. In addition you can just use the HTML ingester/renderer to embed the iFrame that Mediaspace suggests. But neither of these have the same flexibility that I want to build, especially in terms of start and stop points in the video and the size of the video player.

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I see no responses on this yet so I am assuming that to create ingesters and renderers, one needs to directly add new files for the ingester and renderer and needs to directly change existing files in the applications directory to recognize these new ingesters and renderers.



Whoops, this fell through the cracks.

Modules can definitely add ingesters and renderers. The list of available ingesters and renderers is in the file application/config/module.config.php, starting here.

The basic situation with anything in the module.config.php file is that it can be overridden or added to by a module, by providing matching keys in the module’s own module.config.php. This is a Zend Framework system: the framework merges all the module config files together as one of the first steps in running the application.

Also, on the topic of the OEmbed renderer, the rules for that are also in module config. There’s a whitelist of OEmbed URL patterns Omeka S will accept, and a module could add to that list (or an addition could be proposed as a pull request).

For a single installation, a change to configuration like that could be made in the config/local.config.php file as well (it’s also merged with the other configs, so changes there override/supplement both Omeka S default settings as well as module settings).

I thought this was probably the case but I didn’t know where to look to override these configs.

I knew the whitelist was there but I didn’t know about the overrides in local.config.php. However, even after making the changes to the whitelist, the OEmbed code returned by our installation of Kaltura was bad. I have the maintainers of our Kaltura looking into it.



This is a bit old, but I’m attempting something similar (oEmbed video from a Kaltura mediaspace), and running into what sounds like the same issue. I’ve added a matching expression to the oembed whitelist in module.config.php, but attempts to add a video via a Mediaspace oEmbed url return a ‘No OEmbed links were found at the given URI’ error. The video is published to a public channel.

If you happen to see this, were you able to make any headway on this?


No I was not able to make any headway with this and got distracted with other Omeka and life changing issues. Not sure when I might have the chance to return to it either.


You could share a link to the page that’s causing an issue, but my bet would be that it doesn’t actually include the oEmbed discovery link in the HTML anywhere.

Sure, here’s the link I’m using:

You’re right, it doesn’t appear to include the discovery link in the HTML. Can you think of a possible workaround for this? Perhaps a modification to the ingester?

So, the oEmbed ingester works by looking for that discovery link.

You could modify the ingester to have a special case for your site where it just knows how to construct the oEmbed URL, or you could make a different change (or even different ingester) that lets you just specify the oEmbed URL directly, and cut out the “discovery” part of the process that way.

Were you able to sort out Kaltura for Omeka S? I was happy to see that you found a solution for Classic. Did you resolve the issues for S? If so, is the module available for others to use or help carry it over the finish line?

Yes, I was able to create a Module for Omeka S to stream video from Kaltura. I’m just tweaking now and plan in the next couple of weeks to add it to Omeka S modules.

I have also created a Module for audio and video streaming from Avalon, IU’s Samvera-based video streaming service.

If you are interested, I can pass the alpha version of either one or both of these modules.


That’s great to hear, Will. I’d be very grateful if we could have a sneak peek of the Omeka S module. Your timeline for release works well with my team’s, too. Feel free to share with me at or if it’s on GitHub, please point me to the repo.