Adding images to simple pages

When I try to add an image to a Simple Page, whether via the “insert/edit image” link in the HTML editor or when I “edit html source”, the image shows up in the text box but does not appear after I click save. Is there a reason why this might be happening?

You might want to check your HTML Filtering settings under Settings -> Security. With filtering on you’d need to add img to the list of allowed elements (along with appropriate attributes you’re using, like img.src to the attributes list).

I did that and it still didn’t work. It seems to delete any img HTML I add to it.

Did you check whether img was an allowed attribute or uncheck filtering altogether?

Also, on the off chance that you’re adding an image from an existing item, you could use shortcodes rather than html.

I added the photo from the FTP server. Its not preexisting. I tried the different settings and still no luck. I’m a novice at this so any advice is greatly appreciated.

I just added img src andimg to the security settings on my sandbox install of Omeka:

And on my Simple Page I checked “Use HTML Editor” then opened the HTML Source editor (the blue html button) and added

<img src="">

and it worked:

Try giving it a go with that gif and see if it works for you.

I got it to show up in the editor, but when I preview the page, it is not there. When I go back all of the HTML I added is gone.

wait a minute! now it worked!!!

Great! is it working with the Omeka image, or your own?

It works with mine as well. Thank you for your help!

Do you know if simple pages supports Java?

I suspect that you are thinking of JavaScript, as opposed to Java. They are two very different programming languages, though confusingly similar in name.

Inserting JavaScript into a page usually requires a plugin, though some simple additions might be possible…not entirely sure, and it might depend on what, exactly, you are looking for.

If you really are looking for Java, something like embedding a Java application, that’s a case I haven’t heard before, and might take some investigation, again, depending on what exactly you are looking for.

No, I meant javascript. Thank you.

Related to this - I can’t seem to get the aside tag to work with simple pages. I’m adding it and it disappears upon save. I checked the security settings and even though I’m not using HTML filtering, I added it there and saved, but still not having any luck. Any other ideas?