Adding HTML embed codes as media w CSV plugin

Is it possible to use an HTML embed code as the “file” when using the CSV uploader?

I’m trying to find a way to embed files that are displayed in a book reader on IA into our Omeka Classic instance, but haven’t found a way to do it. I am able to embed the reader into a metadata field (such as the URL field), however this means it’s towards the bottom of the page and it also means that thumbnails arent generated. Here’s an example of what what we are currently able to do: San Francisco Cinematheque program calendar, September-October 1981 · San Francisco Cinematheque Digital Archives

Alternatively, is there a way to manually generate thumbnail images? Can the Derivative Images plugin be used somehow?


You can import that iframe embed code into any field and it will work, as long as the “HTML” box is checked in the CSV Import process.

You could use a Dublin Core field and move it up to the very top in your Settings > Element Sets tab to make it appear prominently. (That would change the display for all items using that field.)

But that’s about the limit for Omeka Classic, unless there is a user-contributed plugin I don’t know about. In Omeka S you can manually add your own thumbnails. In Classic, you may wish to upload a thumbnail-sized version or preview for each item, if you’re worried about taking up server space. It will appear in the same place your other Files do, sorry.