Adding extra navigation in the admin area

Is there a way to add a specific menu item to the admin area. I am using Omeka S as a “research database” to prepare a book on a certain subject. It contains a lot of photos about a multitude of subjects and relationships between the subjects. It works great and helps me to sort everything out. I am also adding research tasks as items with its “Research Tasks” template & class and have added the items to their own items set, so that I have a task list available as well.

Only downside, is that I have to either do an advanced search for them or have to go to the items in the items set itself, which basically takes me sever clicks to get there. Would be great if i could add and menu item, with specific query, similar to the browse blocks on pages. This way I could go to my non completed taks via one single click.

Any idea on how to achieve this?



There’s no built-in feature for saving a search like this. It does seem like a potential good idea for a module: modules can add entries to the navigation and could add links like this pretty easily.

In terms of a workaround, something simple like just bookmarking the search page in your browser would have the same effect.

Thanks. I am not a developer myself, so will not be the one making the module. If somebody want to use the idea to develop an “Admin Quick Links” module, feel free to do so.

I have made a workaround myself though. I did not have a site, as I was only using the back-end for my research. Added a site now and installed & and activated the RestrictedSites module. The site now holds one page with links to specific queries in the back-end, like the one above. They open in a pop-up and allow me to directly find and edit what I need.