Adding banner image to "Items" and "Item Sets" pages


[Using Center Row theme]
As the title mentions, is there a way add a banner image to the top of the page underneath navigation on the Items and Item Sets pages?
I know these pages have presets in the Omeka S admin panels, but don’t allow us to add html elements on the page.

I am not sure what php file is for the setup/layout for these pages–assumedly somewhere in our file manager.
Any assistance would be great!

Thank you in advance,

As of Center Row v1.7.4, the theme includes a banner image setting that should appear on every page, including item and item set pages. Is this what you’re looking for? Or are you looking for a banner specific to those views?

The banner image setting is in the theme configuration here:

Hi Kim!

Yes–aware of the theme settings for a banner on every page.
I am looking to have a ~different~ banner depending on what page is being viewed.


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