Add WebVTT Subtitles

I work with subtitled videos when i upload a subtitle .vtt File for my video - the player don’t show it.
With the HTML5 Player in Classic that was no problem - it would be great if Omeka S could also handle WebVtt.

The general problem with external subtitles is that the system sees them as two different pieces of media. We can work around that, but there are always little problem areas with linking the two together an appropriately displaying them.

I could definitely see a module tailored toward this case that allowed you to upload both files together as one Media, which would avoid most of that… but I’ll think over a little if there’s a way to handle it gracefully in the core itself.

thanks for your quick response. WebVTT is not only powerfull for subtitles - your also able to create chapters and make a video easier to navigate. Maybe we could get some funding for our next Oral History Project to develop a module.