Add Media to Item error


i would like to ask you (perhaps) a simple question…

I’m working with OMEKA S in last few months but no need for Media files.
Before few days i tried to add Media to items … but i get the following error in both the admin and client side …

Service with name “Omeka\Cli” could not be created. Reason: Neither “proc_open()” nor “exec()” are available.

This error generated if i use MEDIA tab and Upload selection in items form…
If i use Advanced tab or Asset menu i can upload images… but not direct connection with Items…

Do you have any idea ? if something works wrong in my installation (module, folders permissions etc)

Thanks in advance

Hello again,

after a deep search i found that there is something wrong with ImageMagick library for creation of thumbnail… if i use in local.config.php file i use
‘Omeka\File\Thumbnailer’ => ‘Omeka\File\Thumbnailer\Imagick’, or
‘Omeka\File\Thumbnailer’ => ‘Omeka\File\Thumbnailer\NoThumbnail’,
works fine… but with
‘Omeka\File\Thumbnailer’ => ‘Omeka\File\Thumbnailer\ImageMagick’, i get the exception

Any ideas ?? or the solution is to replace the ImageMagick with something else?


If the “Imagick” option works then it’s totally fine to just use that.

The error is saying your server has blocked PHP from running command-line programs on the server, which means you can’t use the default “ImageMagick” thumbnailer. Imagick is an optional PHP library that lets you use ImageMagick without running a command-line program, so if it’s available on your server then it’s a fine option.

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