Add Lightbox style to photo gallery

I would like to add the option to display the collection images in the Lightbox gallery style. May I have some tips?
Concerns: Omekas 3.1, theme: Papers


As I was looking to approach this very same question, I stumbled upon this other post in the forums: Lightbox for Items show page for Omeka S

which looks like a reasonable workaround.

Looking at the Center Row theme can also be useful. At the most basic, taking the show.phtml from there, copying the relevant js, css, and fonts, in the asset folder of your current theme, leads to an apparently working lightbox viewer in other themes.

Ultimately, as far as I understand, the key is:

  • include the various lightbox.js scripts
  • check out show.js for inspiration on how to make clear which css classes should be opened with Lightbox

This is of course only tentative and rough, so a more polished documentation of the process would of course still be useful.

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