Add fields to Values in Freedom


I am trying to get my head around themes :slight_smile: and especially Freedom and I understand that you can configure Configure resource pages with Left, Main, Right (regions) and then add Blocks like “Values” and “Media List” to them. But how do I set what fields the block Values contains? Because Values is the Items “values”/fields?

Oh, some more info:
I understand now that Values is all of the Items values but it, in my case, only present values that are have a specifik language. And the title that is presented is the Items mail first Title, not the language specific title.

And it would be great if you could set a list of values to present from an Item.


When I unlicked Filter values by language under Settings all the fileds showed up! Great. And then I have to set the fields to not show to “not View” (the eye), right?



I think you have a handle on it.

Values shows all values, but what it shows can be limited by some other settings. As you’ve seen, the optional site setting for restricting values by language will remove values that don’t match. The “eye” private value switch for a value will also hide it to not-logged-in users.

The module Hide Properties can also be used to not show particular properties without having to go mark every value using them as private.