ADA-compliance / Accessibility

What does Omeka offer in the way of ADA-compliance, particularly when it comes to uploading scanned documents that can be accessed via screen reader?

  1. How do you upload scanned manuscripts / correspondence as pdfs rather than jpegs so that someone using a screen reader can access the text? Is there a plugin?

  2. Is the only way to include alt-text for photos directly within the caption (not ideal) instead of embedding it in the photo?

  3. Are there work-arounds / plugs-ins that allow you to upload a pdf of a text document so that it appears on the main page just like an image would? Embedding a transcription of a manuscript or audio file in the item type metadata creates an accessibility issues because you have to direct users to a completely different screen and instruct them to scroll down to see it. I’m trying to find ways to feature materials on Omeka that don’t require persons with disabilities to do more work than others.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Omeka can handle a variety of file types - if you’re having trouble uploading PDFs, try double-checking your security settings.

Alt text for media is generally handled in the media metadata; so you will need to pay attention to your media as you’re working on your sit.

Not sure about your third question - would the plugins PDF Embed or PDF Text help?

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