AccessResource Module: where is curation:reservedAccess property?


I am testing AccessResource module and I have installed it in my Omeka S 3.0.1 version.
According to the module guide, a property curation:reservedAccess should have been created by the module, however, I am not able to find this property.
I didn’t get any error when installing the module and I have not found any error on the log.
Have someone find the same problem? Any idea how to resolve it?
Maybe it’s my problem and I have not understood the module usage.


Could someone help me to make the AccessRosource module work? This functionality is essential for us. Thanks!

You might have better luck addressing the module’s author directly (I believe in this case it’s @Daniel_KM) or perhaps filing an issue on the module’s Github/Gitlab.

Hi Jonh,

Thanks for your recommendation :wink:



Sorry, I was away.

I write generally detailled readme, so you can first check it.
There is two ways to use it: as a whole, or by specifying rules by resource. In this second mode, to make a resource reserved, you have to fill the custom property “curation:reservedAccess” with something. This property is created during install.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. I had read the readme file, but when I want to identify the resources that are restricted I do not find how to add the property curation:reservedAccess. This custom property does not appear in the list of properties that you can add to a resource.

It seems that the property has not been created during install. Is it possible?

Best regards.

You can download it here : or take the file in the module itself.

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