Accessing Omeka S through a reverse proxy

Hi, recently i opened an issue on github, as i have problems accessing my omeka s istance through a reverse proxy. Perhaps it is a trivial question. Here is the link to the issue:

Would you have an idea on how to proceed?

Indeed, any setting you set in local.config.php overides the omeka ones, so you can add the needed params :

'file_store' => [
        'local' => [
            'base_path' => 'xxx',
            'base_uri' => 'yyy',

Thank for the reply.
This would only apply to the files, how could i then change the internal address everywhere else in the website?

    "@context": "http:\/\/\/refa\/api-context",
    "@id": "http:\/\/\/refa\/api\/items\/1",
    "@type": [
    "o:id": 1,
    "o:is_public": true,
    "o:owner": {
        "@id": "http:\/\/\/refa\/api\/users\/1",
        "o:id": 1
    "o:resource_class": {
        "@id": "http:\/\/\/refa\/api\/resource_classes\/194",
        "o:id": 194
    "o:resource_template": {
        "@id": "http:\/\/\/refa\/api\/resource_templates\/2",
        "o:id": 2
    "o:thumbnail": null,
    "o:title": "Title of the item",

I have no good idea for that, except fake your proxy.

solved in the github issue