Accessibility Exceptions?

We’re currently evaluating whether or not to implement Omeka S on our campus. I’m in favor of it, but our web accessibility team, in reviewing the accessibility statement found the following line:

2.1.1 Keyboard (Level A) Also applies to: EN 301 549 Criteria • 9.2.15 (Web) • 10.2.15 (non-web document) • (Software) • (Closed Software) Web: Supports with exceptions Web

Does anyone know what these exceptions are? I’ve been told that if the outward facing interfaces aren’t fully compliant we can’t deploy Omeka S. I’m hoping these exceptions are only within the admin interface?

This is an off-the-cuff answer but I’d have to think it’s referencing the admin interface… there’s really nothing in the way of interface on the public besides standard links and forms which are keyboard-accessible through standard browser interfaces.

Thanks. Who wrote the VPAT statement? Would they be able to clarify that part of the statement?

I am the one who completed the VPAT. The VAPT is focused on the admin interface - we can’t really make a VPAT for the public side( beyond the themes we create) because once someone creates their own theme they may add elements which are not accessible.

I would also say that if your web accessibility team has concerns, that running an evaluation on a test install might be a good way to address those concerns. And if they find any glaring errors, please feel free to create issues for them against the core! We are always looking to improve the accessibility of the Omekas.

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to bring to them. I have a test install in place and should anything come up in their testing I’ll be glad to surface it to the team.

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