Access permission settings

I was looking for a functionality that would allow me to hide access to media files of certain item types.
We are digitizing an archive that will have baptismal records, and this is sensitive information, it would be nice for the metadata to be searchable, but items viewable only for admins, or from certain IPs.

I would really appreciate any information on this, because it is a functional requirement for the project.

You want to hide the media specifically, or also the items?

The Omeka Team itself doesn’t really do much work on access restrictions, but there are some modules out there that do things in this space.

Just media for specific item types. What are the modules you are talking about? I was looking for those, but haven’t found anything that would help me do that.

One thing you could try “out of the box” is to just mark the media as private. Then you’d have to be logged in to see them, but the item and its metadata would still be visible.

That won’t do anything based on IP though, just login.

Thant is an interesting workaround that could as well work.
Thank you very much.

You can try the module AccessResource, that has such features.

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