Access controls within records

Hello - a few years ago I posted a question about whether Omeka S provides the ability to limit access to multiple files (a PDF and a MP4, for example) attached to a particular record. That thread (since closed) is here: Is Omeka S a good option for my digital library project?

My core need is to have records that are publicly visible, but the attached files could only be viewed/downloaded by approved users (researchers) logged into the system.

@Daniel_KM suggested at the time such a feature was forthcoming…so here I am years later again thinking about migrating my project to Omeka, and I’m wondering is this feature now live?


Yes, you can have a public item with non-public (and public) media items attached. Within the Media tab you can click the eye-icon to make it private.

But, making an item private doesn’t limit the access completely, the item (and data) just don’t show the private (media) items, but if you know the exact, albeit hard-to-guess URL (like in the example above) you can still request the file.

And, also check if the modules you use do respect the private “flag”. Currently, the IIIF Server module, leaks info about private media items.