AbstractResource displaySubjectValues() error with centerrow theme on Omeka 4.0.0

After upgrading to Omeka 4.0.0 and centerrow theme I get this error when displaying an item:

Argument 1 passed to Omeka\Api\Representation\AbstractResourceEntityRepresentation::displaySubjectValues() must be of the type array, int given, called in ...themes/centerrow/view/omeka/site/item/show.phtml on line 70

For now I’ve commented line 70 of the show.phtml and this temporaroly solves the issue. Is this a bug or is there something that I’m missing?

The current centerrow theme doesn’t contain a view/omeka/site/item/show.phtml file. I think it’s probably just left over there from your previous copy, if you just overlaid the new one on top of the old for example.

Deleting the centerrow theme folder entirely (if you don’t have manual edits you want to preserve there, of course) and then putting the new copy in should avoid having any “leftovers.”

Excellent, thank you, that was a leftover indeed. Deleting and copying the new one solved the issue,.