Ability to migrate Omeka S across servers


We are gearing up to undertake an Omeka S installation, and due to some bottlenecks/delays on access to our campus server, we are looking into first installing Omeka S on a domain through Reclaim Hosting’s Shared Hosting. Does anyone know of any issues of migrating an Omeka S installation from one server to another? Just checking before we embark.


Having just done this myself, copying a database from one Reclaim installation to use in another Reclaim installation, we found that Reclaim doesn’t have a set up to periodically clear the “session” table. That means that it can be quite large, and might make import difficult if you are using something like PHPMyAdmin to manage that process. So, before you go to move things, you might want to truncate the “sessions” table. Otherwise, no real issues.

Great. Thanks, @sharonmleon! I am excited to dive back into Omeka – its been a while.

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