A question on upgrading Linux mint box with Omeka 1.5.3

I have a server that is running Omeka 1.5.3 now and it is on a Linux mint 11. I want to create a new omeka server with the latest LAMP software and latest Omeka 2.7 and use the MySQL database from the original. Is that possible? Is substituting MariaDB for MySQL ok? If I am wildly off, then what is the best way to upgrade the original server. I think it is too old and I have to start fresh.present%20config

You mean you want to move from this server that used MySQL 5.1 to something newer, yeah?

Usually it’s totally fine to just take a dump of the old database and move it to a newer one… a few things have changed with defaults and things like that between 5.1 and current stuff from MySQL and MariaDB, but usually that’s not a big issue.

My advice would be to try it: you’ll still have the original database and install if there does happen to be some issue.

I will give that a try, thanks, Chris