A plugin that allows guest users to tag items?

I am wondering if anyone is developing a plugin that would be similar to the Corrections plugin (https://omeka.org/add-ons/plugins/corrections/) but that could be configured so that guest users could add tags to Omeka items. Alternatively, something like the Commenting plugin that wouldn’t require a guest account but could be configured with some sort of anti-spam tool.

Hope this makes sense - feels like a simple question and an important task but I haven’t found the functionality that I’ve been looking for yet. Thanks!

There’s an old UserTags plugin, but it hasn’t seen any development in a long time. Commenting can be configured to allow public commenting, which doesn’t require a guest account.

Thanks for pointing me in that direction! Ideally, I’d love to have a plugin that could allow either Guest Users or the public to be able to add (public) tags to items. These tags could be either (1) be approved by an admin before public display or (2) be editable and removeable by admins.

I have limited web design experience - especially for PHP - and am wondering if (1) this is doable and/or (2) the UserTags plugin could be a starting point for this project.

Thanks again!

There is https://github.com/Daniel-KM/Tagging, made just for that !

Hi, I tried to install this plug-in and I get an error “Not a valid plug in”

I am a relative novice with Omeka so there could be plenty that I am missing.

When using a plugin from Github, you should rename the folder “Tagging-master” into “Tagging”.

Thanks! That worked.

OK. So I do not see anything that allows people to tag photos. Here is the site http://seankelly.cikeys.com/cms/

Thanks for any insight and excuse my ignorance…I’m still trying to get my head around Omeka.

There are options in the config page of the plugin, in particular if the public can tag or if this is limited to a role.

This is the current configuration. Does it all look right? I really appreciate your help with this. I am hoping it will be a huge feature of this exhibit.

Your config is fine, but I just see my plugin wasn’t updated with last release of Omeka, so you can download it again and try it. The plugin adds a little customable “+”.

Sorry for the slow reply. I was away from the computer for a few days. I installed the new Plug-In and it works! Thank you! One last question (I think). You say that the “+” is customizable. How do I customize it? Specifically, I want to have a button that says “Tag this photo!” or something like that (something that makes it very obvious to an idiot like me).

One small thing. Under the “Add Tags” box is this message with a small typo "Separe multiple tags with a “,”. “Separe” should be “Separate.”

Thanks again! I hope this gets some widespread use!

I updated the plugin to simplify the customization (in config page for the message and in the theme via common/tagging.php).