404 not found error on public pages

Hi all,
I have an issue that I have no idea why it is happening. If you go to http://history.meigslibrary.org and click on ANY link, the user gets a 404 not found error. The data is there in the admin interface, but, if you select any item and then click on “View Public Page”, you get the 404 not found error as well. Any ideas on how to diagnose this problem & or help would be greatly appreciated.

This is almost certainly an “.htaccess” issue: either the .htaccess file is missing, or your server is configured to not read it (that’s the AllowOverride Apache setting).

jflatnes, thanks for the assist. I have a second server running a newer version of linux and Omeka & I used the .htaccess file on it as an example. I found that about half of the settings were missing. I have no idea why that would be but, I have it fixed now, so thanks.

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