404 error on all pages of an Omeka site

I believe my problem is a missing htaccess.install. I created this omeka site approximately 2 years ago and I am just nor experiencing the issue that displays "Error 404:page not found. I think I am missing the htacccess or htaccess.install but I don’t know how that must have been deleted when it updated or something else. I honestly don’t know how this happened or how to reverse it. I don’t have a backup of the omeka site.

You do have an “.htaccess” file there in your listing.

The usual symptom of the .htaccess (or related Apache settings) being the issue is that all pages of your site 404 except the homepage. Does that match what’s happening for you?

Yes, I had to delete ht install and re-install it. My site now works great. Maybe it was a bug but I dont have any further problems.