403 Error Forbidden access on /collections/browse

I’m managing an Omeka library and we recently created collections, but the /collections/browse page shows a 403 Forbidden Access Error for researcher and contributor users.

Seems that only admin users can browse collections. Is there a specific settings I’ve missed? I don’t think any modifications were made on user permissions on the site. Is there a way to check user permissions in some way (quite a newbie there, sorry)?

Website is https://biblio.fusionjeunesse.org/ and runs on Omeka Classic 2.7.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Normally everyone can view the collections browse page.

It looks like you might have some plugins that could affect permissions to view things. Does that sound familiar?

I’ve looked into the plugins but there doesn’t seem to be a plugin related to user permissions.

Here is our full list of plugins:

Admin Images
Archive Repertory
Bulk Metadata Editor
CSV Import
Guest User
History Log
Item Duplicate Check
PDF Embed
Simple Pages
Simple Vocab
Switch Language

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