3d file support

I’m fairly new to Omeka and have been asked to add obj and usd files to the site. Are they supported? I can upload a obj, put there is no thumbnail or way of previewing the file. Any ideas, thanks.

There’s no out of the box support for 3D models in Omeka S.

We’ve done this before as a custom module using three.js… it’s a little complicated because for most applications you also want a corresponding texture/material/etc… it’s sometimes easier to have the files just live in a folder that’s directly uploaded to the server via FTP or something similar rather than loading them as Media through the upload interface: that way you can retain the original names and placements of files, which is sometimes important for texture or materials loading to work correctly.

As usual for any cms designed with a core and modules, “there is a module for that”. Here, the module is Model Viewer, that integrates threejs, but the main point is that it is recommended to use a single file for the model and the recommended format is gltf.

The recommended format is glTF™, the Graphics Language Transmission Format. It’s a royalty-free publishing 3D format designed for sharing and web, unlike many other 3D formats that are designed for edition. It is supported by all professional 3D softwares, all big companies, and all browsers. Not that only the version 2.0 of the format is supported. The version 1.0 was based on WebGL. Lossless conversion from version 1.0 to version 2.0 can be done with common tools.

The gltf format has two variants: glb, the binary version of gltf, and gltf itself. glb is a single file format, but gltf is a json describing files to load. So the first one is a lot simpler to manage, since there is no issue with internal urls.